About us

Indev Consultancy Private Limited (ICPL) is a boutique advisory firm with extensive experience of working with overseas enterprises towards achieving successful and accelerated entry into India. Indev has a proven track record in achieving business growth between organizations from various countries and India and has successfully assisted many global organisations in “Doing Business with India

Our extensive network of contacts with key influencers including industry associations, government representatives and decision makers at fast growing Indian companies presents opportunities for our clients to capitalise on leads across the full spectrum of Indian business

Apart from the advisory support, As a primary business Indev Consultancy Private Limited (ICPL) have been active in bringing appropriate Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to bridge the development goals. Indev Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is working with a wide range of institutions in developing knowledge management system, mobile based monitoring tools and providing digital marketing solutions.

With a diverse team of experts, we have been catering as a holistic service provider for Knowledge and ICT based services aligning with organizational IT strategy and developmental mandates. We offer the highest level of expertise in mobile and web technology, proven by our success stories with numerous developmental organizations and multi-laterals. We support organizations in designing end-to-end solutions that help them realize the cost-effective solutions based on specific situations and goals.

With our expertise in a wide range of ICT tools and technologies, we have demonstrated our capability in the following technologies:

  1. Open Source (Linux, Apache, MYSql and PHP)
  2. Mobile Platform (Android, SQLite and JSON based data transfer)
  3. Database in specific (Postgres SQL, My SQL, MS SQl)
  4. Dedicated/VPS server administration
  5. Other Utilities (Google Analytics, Web master tool)