About Us


Indev Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that provides Information and Communication Technology solutions and consulting services to bridge development challenges. It has it's headquartered in New Delhi, India. ICPL works with its partner organizations to realize their vision by using appropriate technology solution, required process orientation and handholding the change management to ensure smooth transition.

Indev Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. aims to leverage Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development. It has been developing technology products and solutions for various development interventions which are being implemented with government agencies, Private entities, CSR programs, and Not-for-profit organizations.

With our expertise in a wide range of ICT tools and technologies, we have demonstrated our capability in the following technologies:

  • Open Source (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, and PHP)
  • Mobile Platform (Android, SQLite, and JSON based data transfer)
  • Database in specific (PostgreSQL, MYSQL, MS SQL)
  • Dedicated/VPS server administration
  • Other Utilities (Google Analytics, Webmaster tool)



Indev Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has delivered more than 100 successful projects in the development sector in last 5 years contributing to human development by using appropriate and relevant technologies.

Indev Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has been working on various sectors such as Knowledge Management, Health, Nutrition, Education and Governance. ICPL has implemented most of the above-mentioned solution in partnership with the government agency.

The team at Indev Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. consists of development professional, ICT Expert, Management professional and grassroots workers.

From Director Desk

Kedar Dash

Technology plays an integral role in every sphere of life. Be it healthcare or heavy industry, involvement and deployment of technology are significantly seen and felt. Indev Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (ICPL) finds health, nutrition, and education to be the major challenges in human development. So, we planned to fight them with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to get a better future for ourselves.

In 2017-2018, ICPL expanded its existing nutrition program in Maharashtra and started monitoring more than 30,000 children in three talukas. An extension of the nutrition program was made in U.P monitoring 12000 in Gajrola.

The initiative taken by ICPL has not only helped in uplifting social conditions but also has raised the standard of children’s lives by providing an instant and prompt alert to government agencies about malnutrition cases. ICPL started working in education with the vision to increase the overall efficacy of the education system by using ICTs. Deployment of attendance system, tracking course coverage and building a communication platform for parents and teachers are some of them.

ICPL’s interventions and knowledge management have been quite a success factor since the past years. We acknowledge the support and extend our sincere thanks to our partners who have not only helped but also stood along in taking our journey forward.

We believe in optimum utilization and deployment of ICTs to bridge the challenges in creating a sustainable future.

Our Services

What We Doing

Development of Web and Mobile

ICPL has developed a mobile and web-based monitoring system which is instrumental in effective monitoring of the child, pregnant women, and adolescent girl Health and Nutrition programme, school management, employee management system, and many more.

Project Implementation

ICPL has demonstrated its expertise in researching, understanding and conducting ground level implementation and the same in creating a mobile-based application and web application using the latest tools and technologies.

Action Research

ICPL for social development conducts different research by identifying the issues and analyzing the data. ICPL conducted survey and research on the study of socio-economic, cultural factors and Nutrition monitoring programme through government schemes.

Knowledge Management

ICPL conducts various knowledge management programs. The organization aims at improving the quality of education by educating children and teachers in government schools by providing professional and technical training to the teachers.

Capacity building of Individuals

ICPL trains individuals for web development programs like Software management program, MIS, LAMP, MYSQL, Android, Java. ICPL provides training to the CHW and also provides training on programmes like Behaviour Change Communication.

Monitoring and Evaluation of projects

Monitoring and Evaluation have been an area of focus for ICPL and is extremely working on this sector for the last 9 years. ICPL has block coordinator, community workers, who are endlessly putting their efforts for the development of the society.