Agri-Farmed Solution

Agriculture is the most unorganised sector in India. But with the introduction of Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) the sector is getting organised as it helps small/poor farmers participate in high-value markets where the product selections, costs and so on are organised. So as to bring together and facilitate the procedure of information gathering, advisory, support and inquiry by farmers, KAUSHALYA Foundation with help of Lutheran World Relief and Development partner Indev Consultancy Private Limited built up a Mobile based Application alongside Monitoring and Evaluation System for giving advisory and support to farmers and appraisal and perception of the overall venture.

The framework is furnished with an App for field level functionaries to enter information from the field and the web-based helps monitor the advancement of the project with development analytics and real time report generation as per the prescribed format.

About The System

A basic training on the application usage is provided to the farmers so that they can register themselves on to the platform and get benefited using the functionalities. Using the application, the farmer can request for seeds, machinery, and fertilizers, get notified about weather updates, meeting and training schedules, get advisory as and when required and train themselves using the training module. Also, the M&E system helps visualize the gathered data via mobile application to know the progress made by the project and whether it has reached its goal and delivered what was expected according to the plan.