e-Learning in Primary Education – An Indian Perspective

The Annual Status of Education Report (2016) points that learning levels remain depressingly low across the country, while 97% of children (aged 6-14 years) across rural India are enrolled in a school, only 13% of the children in grade 2 can read from their language .....

Kedar Dash 03 October 2017
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Open Data Kit

Read how our organisation found a easy approach in collecting and managing survey data. Learn about the new technology Open Data Kit (ODK) and its usefulness in your organisation. Imagine you need to survey 50,000 people and then depict the ...

Shristi Dimri 10 June 2017
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My first day at Indev Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Our employ captures her first day experience in this document very beautifully. Her approach towards the work we do is very inspirational and every employee share a similar ideology and has a definite purpose at our organisation At this point ...

Shristi Dimari 10 June 2017
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3 Days in Jawhar for Training of Yashoda’s

Read about the personal experience of our employee visiting the actual field of implementation. Her 3 days experience captures the tough life of people there and how we provide technology and human resource for their betterment. I had the opportunity to ...

Nivedeeta Thombare 10 June 2017
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