Dental Hygiene

About Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene, one of the most important role players on human health as well as the most neglected one too. No one ever cares about their dental condition, cleanliness of teeth, mouth washing and all. Specially in India, Dental check up is the last thing one will go for. Whereas in countries like Europe, America it is necessary to have a regular health check-up which includes dental check up as well. In case of any serious health hazard, doctors suggest a proper dental cleaning and check-up of the patient.

To implement the same in India and to develop awareness among us, some dental clinics have come up with an idea of "Dental Hygiene". A group of doctors and clinics will be associated with this project with a motto to provide dental cleanliness to a patient prior starting further check-up.

Indev is developing a mobile application and an associate dashboard to help out in this cause. The mobile application will be used for patient registration. A patient can use it as his/her dental history storage. This application will keep all the information on dental check-ups (cleaning, filling, root canal etc) of a particular patient. Even if the patient is going to visit a different doctor, there will be no problem for the new doctor to understand the past histories of his patient. All the data/history of check-up will be available tooth wise on one click.