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Health Management System

Even in this modern 21st century, there are still some places where people are unable to avail their basic needs. One of the most important part of their requirement is to have a proper health check-up. Regular monitoring, proper health check-up is the key to maintain a strong and stable physical and mental health. The people from under privileged areas are not able to avail health service due to so many reasons like unavailability of hospitals or camps, problem of transportations etc. People from urban areas also sometimes face the issues with health check-up as the hospitals available in there are sometimes busy with their multiple administrative works. Even sometimes due to pressure of large number of patients, hospitals are not able to entertain all of them timely. In order to streamline their work process and to reduce the workload of their employees, a system was needed which can record details of every patient, their medication, number of visits, track every detail. The motto was to automate the system of Hospital management. Hospitals now a days organize free health check up camps in rural areas. Tracking and managing the whole system in a single unified system was the main objective of the project. In response to that Jubilant Bhartia Foundation partnered with Indev. We developed an advance Hospital Management system by using modern technologies that is well organized and provide a stress-less work environment to the employees of the hospital. This system involves a Mobile application and a web-based dashboard. The project has been implemented and successfully running in "Gajraula", "Uttar Pradesh", "Jhajjar", "Haryana", "Vadodara", "Gujarat", "Mysore", "Karnataka".

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