EXI Guide

If you’re thinking about wireless technology for your idea or product, then EXI is everything you need. In an exhibition hall, it is important to provide visitors with information about the exhibit.

With this application you can get interactive visual and audio while you are visiting a museum or exhibition. Application works with Bluetooth which integrates with indoor navigation and location services. When user approaches to a showcase, application is triggered by Bluetooth and shows the visual and audio photo of exhibit. User can select and get wide information about it by text/audio or video photo of same exhibit.

The visitors will be made aware about the art, paintings, photographs or any exhibited items by providing information about them in the form of text audio & voice or video etc.

The Exiguide is very simple, user friendly and cost effective which can be easily operated with a smart With this App on their mobiles, Visitors can easily navigate through the exhibition and reach specifically for the specified item, they are looking for.