Nutrisoft Mobile and Web Application

Nutrisoft is the technological way of fighting the problem of malnutrition, deficiency and its proper timely delivery. Nutrisoft has been developed with interest of monitoring the nutrition level in children, adolescent girls as well as pregnant women.

Mobile Application

Mobile is used as a tool for collecting the data and developing mobile application system. Once the data is digitally recorded on the mobile application, the mobile device synchronizes the same and sends it to the server with the help of internet. This server consists of a web application where the higher level authorities can monitor the data. The application has various features such as:

Location Tracking: With the help of GPS feature Mobile application captures the location of data collection. This ensures authenticity in the data collections

Multi-Lingual Integration: One mobile phone can be used to collect data from more than one Anganwadi or similar other field workers. The mobile device also supports easy multi-lingual integration which enables this application to be used anywhere globally.

Image Integration: Another major advantage is that mobile device provides photo integration to ensure authenticity. The field workers click the pictures of place of visit and services provided as well as of the monitored person.

Offline: Mobile device can store the data when it is not connected to the internet and synchronize and transfer when internet is available. So mobile turns out to be a robust tool for data collection and synchronization.

Web Application

The web application can be seen as the synthesized product of the data collected from the mobile devices and the analytics involve. The web application is used to for analysis of the data. The web application has different tiers of administration like state level administrator and national level administrator. It incorporates several features such as:
Data Quality: All the information about the population covered under the system is provided on the web application. Families and individual person are assigned number of flags (Red flags) depending upon the severity of the condition. More the number of Red flags, more severe is the condition it signifies. The prototype is as follows and is subject to changes in accordance with the requirement.

Geographical Depiction: The data is also collectively pictures in form of graphs and pie charts. The web application also has depictions on map so as to give better geographical picture of the area covered under the implementation.

Rich Visuals: While depicting the collected data in pictorial manner in graphs and charts, the monitored people are categorized under different categories defined by the guidelines and protocols of the WHO. And to make it visually more clear, stages of malnutrition  are marked by different colors. The people whose nutrition level is at critical or alarming rate are marked red color. Similarly, moderately malnourished children are marked as yellow and healthy people are marked green.

Dashboard: There is a dashboard where the user sees all the graphs and pie charts. This dashboard is very neatly defined. Adequate information is provided on the dashboard and if the user tends to dig deep and find additional information or view full profile of a particular person, there are options on dashboard which leads the user to his or her desired result.

Listing of data: It contains list of all the children covered under the system. The user can search the child or a person according to the registration number generated or straight away by searching the name. Detailed information along with photograph and progress of the person can be seen by clicking on the profile of the desired person.