Project Details

Shikha Guru (School Management System)

Technology in today’s time has become an essential tool in our lives. Technology adds value to our lifestyle and simplifies human life. Technology we create is to make things easier and not complicated.

In government schools, some of the basic challenges are faced by Education system such as excessive non-teaching duties to teachers, teacher absentees, lack of infrastructure facilities, lack of capacity building initiatives and lack of support from families of the students. So, to overcome these situations, teachers and children are equipped with modern technological tools to imbibe cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, creativity, and design thinking for effective learning outcome.

ICPL developed a system where active engagement and interaction from both teachers and students can be seen.


Jubilant Bharti Foundation in order to strengthen the education system in India and to improve the learning environment in government schools approached ICPL to develop an application to bring sustainability in the education system. Jubilant foundation and Indev consultancy together came out with this system of monitoring the educational system to keep record of things which is more easily accessible. The main reason behind this application is to make things easier and less time consuming.

The system is designed with a focus on eliminating the stress of registering the information of the students manually. The application includes features like students profile management, student attendance, teacher’s leave management, generating student’s report cards, communicating with the stakeholders, sending information regarding any events, and curriculum coverage tracking.