Project Details


Indev Consultancy Private Limited has come out with software which is for the betterment of the poor section of the community. These vulnerable sections of the community have been deprived from the basic necessities and health problems are one of the major issues which they neglect the most.

Presently, this application “SSLN” is being used by the organisation Sri Sai Lions Netralaya, Patna.

Sri Sai Lions Netralaya under “The Right to Sight” initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness, a joint programme of WHO and IAPB (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness) started this initiative of serving the people related with eye diseases since December 12th, 2004. Their focus was mainly on cataract, which is a common eye disease which should be treated on time or later may lead to total blindness.

This programme developed vision centres to provide primary eyecare services at the doorstop of the suffering humanity with latest technological advances in ophthalmology. And to provide these poor and needy people eye check-ups free of cost. Vision centres are primary eye care services available to the rural communities. SSLN presently running 15 VC in different parts of Bihar. These VC has CHW (Community Health Worker) who mobilise the people of the community by visiting their homes and asking them to participate in the eye care awareness programme. SSLN also organise free eye care camps where the Out-Reach Team (ORT) mobilise people from different parts of the state. When a patient is diagnosis with a serious eye problem, they are registered for the further treatment through the mobile application. This application holds every information from registration of a patient, to providing transportation and till surgeries.

Key features of Netralaya:

  • Role Based Login
  • Multilingual
  • Patient Registration
  • Booking
  • Transportation
  • Follow-up

Key features of IHMS:

  • Patient Registration
  • Pathology
  • Patient counselling
  • IPD (No. of Surgery Done)
  • Patient Follow up
  • Discharge