Project Details

Nutrition Monitoring system

Malnutrition in children is a threat worldwide across the developing nations. Proper care and appropriate intake of nutrition from birth to the age of five years, shows growth and proper development in the child’s health.

According to WHO, malnutrition includes undernutrition, inadequate vitamins and minerals intake. And by the recent report by WHO, 2.5 million children die every single year due to malnutrition.

JSW Foundation approached Indev Consultancy Pvt Ltd (ICPL) as potential technical & implementing partner to work on Suddrirha Bharat Program which was being implemented in Jawhar taluka of newly created Palghar district.

Also, this application monitors health of Pregnant women and Lactating women.


Government of Maharashtra, January 2014, signed an MoU with JSW Foundation to address the issue of child malnutrition. JSW Foundation was the first corporate to join hands with Government of Maharashtra (GoM) and selected Thane and Palghar districts out of 15 high burden districts identified by GoM and launched the ‘Suddrirha Bharat Abhiyan’ (Initiative) with a robust intervention strategy.

About the Systems

The solution is developed with open source platform so it is affordable and adaptable in any conditions. This application is built according to the WHO features:

  • Location Tracking: With the feature of GPS in mobile phone, it locates the area of data collection. This ensures authenticity in the data.
  • Multi-utilize and Multi-Lingual Integration: Through one mobile phone more than one anganwadis data can be collected. This application is multi-lingual and can be used anywhere in the country.
  • Image Integration: Another significant feature is that there is function of uploading pictures to ensure authenticity. The field workers take the photos of the area and the services to monitor.
  • Temporary offline storage: The application has offline mode service, where the data can be entered offline and later when its connected to the internet the data is transferred to the server automatically. So, this application turns out to be robust tool for data collection and synchronization.


There is a dashboard where the user sees all the info-graphic charts. This dashboard is a neatly defined interface for users.
Adequate information is provided on the dashboard so the user can see all the vital information in a single glance and if the user tends to dig deep and find additional information or view full profile of a particular person, there are options on the dashboard which leads the user to his or her desired result.