My Mobile Eldis

My Mobile Eldis is an android application delivering content in mobile phone based on the contextual parameters. This application reads the local setting of the mobile phone and pulls content through the IDS API and presents them in a mobile screen in an user-friendly manner. The local setting includes the locational parameter i.e. latitude and longitude of the mobile set and the user preferred thematic area for the required content.

Based on the input, the basic data gets transferred to the mobile phone using GPRS connectivity. This basic data includes the title, URL and metatag of the resource stored in the local SQLite database. This information stored in the mobile phone enables the users to search for the information in an efficient manner.

After searching the required data the application displays the it locally based on the field exposed by the web services. The application has the option to redirect the users to the server for a detailed view.

This application caches the local information in the mobile database. This includes the knowledge resource relevant such as the information about knowledge intermediaries, resource institutions, events and articles in the region.