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About Shiksha Guru

Education plays a great role in a person 's growth may it be mental or physical. Education may come from different parts of society like family, friends etc but the main source of education is Schools where children can gain academic knowledge, as well as knowledge about current scenario of our world.

With increased competition in job market in our country and to co-up with modernised lifestyle, it is necessary that our children become more educated, modernized in a smart way. It is essential to equip our teachers and children with 21st century tools to imbibe cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, creativity, and design thinking for effective learning outcome.

Jubilant Foundation came up with an idea to modernize the current education system in order to

  • Enhance the current quality of education.
  • Improve the efficiency and governance of school administration.
  • Tracking and checking students learning outcome.

This project was implemented in Bishrak Block, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh in all the Government run primary and middle schools. Almost 45,000 students are being monitored under this project.

Indev partnered with Jubilant to provide the technical support in order to successfully implement the project. A Mobile application and Web-based Dashboard was designed for the same. The system brings all the necessary aspects of school administration and education system in one platform.