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Large numbers of Rural Water Supply schemes are operated in remote areas of Punjab where monitoring of day to day work is very challenging. In some areas the staffs are even not ready to take any accountability of the defects or any damages/leakages. To lodge any complaints, villagers have to travel a long distance. Not only that, they even have to travel repeatedly to check the status of their complaint as there is no system for monitoring lodged complaints. Which led to complete loss of faith of people upon their water supply department. The WQC project aim for a water connection and a toilet for every rural households in Punjab, which will be a first for any state in India. Ajnala, Harsha Chhina and Majitha, three districts of Punjab that are currently using water contaminated with uranium and other heavy metals for drinking purpose. Which is causing serious illness like cancer. WQC application monitors water supply, a toilet for all those households without a toilet, sewerage systems and supply of safe water to all these three districts. The WQC application strengthen water quality monitoring methods and develop mitigation measures. It will give an overview of survey done by agents which include household details, water testing (checking of pH, iron, Chlorine, Coliform, Nitrate, Nitrogen etc), sanitary products, water connection, toilet (present or not). Based on these suggestions are given by agent to the respondent. Indev worked in this project as a technical partner who provided the dashboard, mobile application and help out in the survey.

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