The previous scarcely any years have had a place with the disruptive innovation of the Internet of Things (IoT), with shrewd, associated gadgets changing lives. IoT is engaging associations to investigate new open doors by making attention-seeking plans of action, improving customer experiences, creating imaginative items, and opening new income streams. Since the creative innovation has such a great amount to offer, grasping it is never again a decision however an impulse. Subsequently, there is a need to search for an innovation accomplice that can convey solid and start to finish IoT design and development to take your business on this stunning voyage.

At Indev consultancy, we provide food secure and business prepared custom IoT design and development to enable your business with an upper hand. Our ability reaches out from the web and portability to the cloud, undertaking applications, huge data examination, BI, and more. We tailor a wide range of IoT environments that serve improved operational effectiveness, customer experience, and development for organizations. Our team comprises skilled and experienced web app developers who are capable of developing powerful, technically-advanced, engaging, and high- performance IOT based hardware. We have an impressive portfolio under which we have a great experience of work with several government organizations and we service them with many types of IOT based machines.


Our extensive platform-expertise makes us capable of delivering a full range of Custom IOT design and development services that are a perfect match for the client's needs.

In Customising IoT design and development your interest in IoT requires mastery that conveys on the guarantee of a positive business change and enables new chances to develop for you. This is the place our IoT consulting administrations come into the image. Dissimilar to most IoT consulting firms, we help you strategize the manner in which your business ought to gain and use the benefit of the IOT capacity in a more extended run, not only for tomorrow.

IoT Consultatory

We have experts in IoT consultatory who have bits of knowledge to provide you the expert advice to help the clients for holding onto IoT as a piece of their reality. From blueprint creation, to utilize case arrangement, business KPIs, and ROI mapping, we deal with the whole parts of arranging IoT adoption for the business.

Application Evolution

We design amazing IoT-based applications that encourage consistent network between the physical and the advanced. Our master solutions are equipped for making associated items and changing over the independent items into shrewd ones which can do more.

Integration and Assimilation

We have a group of ensured IoT engineers who implement and assimilate IoT solutions into your business applications. From sensor combination to BI joining, M2M correspondence, incorporation of accomplice items or stages, we empower undertakings with complete solutions.

IoT Security

We guarantee a vigorous IoT biological system, with the associated data, gadgets, business applications, and correspondence systems having the option to trade data in a consistent yet secure way. With us, organizations can be certain that their IoT change is sheltered and secure.

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