Suddrirha Bharat Abhiyan

The objective of the initiative is to facilitate the development of a complete and sustainable approach for eliminating every preventable and treatable incidence of malnutrition among children below the age of five years adolescent girls, mothers (both pregnant and lactating) in Palghar district, leading to a scalable and replicable model for the country.

With all these objectives, JSW Foundation approached Indev Consultancy Pvt Ltd as potential technical & implementing partner to work on Suddrirha Bharat Program.

The solution is developed using open-source platform so that it is affordable and adaptable to the changing needs. The whole system is developed as per the WHO standards with features like:

  • Location Tracking: With the help of GPS feature mobile device captures the location of data collection. This ensures authenticity in the data collections.
  • Multi-use and Multi-Lingual Integration: One mobile phone can be used to collect data from more than one Aaganwadi or similar other field workers. The mobile device also supports easy multi-lingual integration which enables this application to be used in Marathi.
  • Image Integration: Another major advantage is that the mobile device provides functionality of capturing photos to ensure authenticity. The field workers click the pictures of place of visit and services provided as well as of the monitored person.
  • Temporary offline storage: Mobile device can store the data locally in the mobile storage when it is not connected to the internet. This locally stored data can be synchronized and transferred to the server as soon as the Internet is available. So mobile turns out to be a robust tool for data collection and synchronization.

SBA project is based on real time growth monitoring method. It is backed by a mobile application and server-based MIS software. Yashodas uses the app to record all monitoring parameters, and the whole of the processes involved are totally paperless and all the data is synchronized on the cloud-based server.

Since all the data is stored on cloud-based server the historical data can be viewed in customized format. As of now, around 721000 monitoring sessions have held in time span of the last four years. Monitoring history of all the children is downloaded into mobile by Yashodas before the field visit. This helps them to provide appropriate Behavior Change Communication(BCC) during the visit. The other highlights of the project are as below:

  • The system is equipped with SMS gateway and it sends SMS alerts about children with critical condition to government officials.
  • The system is capable of capturing GPS coordinates at the time of monitoring and it is compulsory to take photo. This brings transparency in data collection and ensures authenticity of the data.
  • The system consists a map functionality which helps the project officials to single out villages requiring urgent attention.
  • SBA project does not focus only on children, but it also covers pregnant women by interacting with them and sensitizing them by providing healthy advices.
  • SBA project also covers adolescent girls so that they are aware of hygiene and good practices. Yashodas also visit Ashram Schools to deliver BCC messages to adolescent girls.

The SBA project is currently fully functional in Jawhar, Vikramgad, Mokhada, Wada, kasaa and Talasari talukas of Palghar district. Below table shows year-wise registration of number of beneficiary in to the SBA app.

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